Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy Structure of Meiji Yasuda Asset Management


We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer trust and customer satisfaction and to helping create a sustainable society as a member of the investment chain.


Relationship with customers
We provide high quality asset management services and products as asset management professionals.
Relationship with local communities
We aim to develop hand in hand with society by ensuring thoroughgoing compliance and risk management and fulfilling our public mission and social responsibilities as an asset management company.
Relationship with future generations
For the sake of future generations, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable and hopeful society.
Relationship with fellow workers
We endeavor to create a positive working environment where a challenge mindset and diversity are respected, and officers and employees are encouraged to demonstrate their abilities.


We will always act in the best interests of our customers based on the highest ethical standards and professional excellence.
Ambition and Creation
We will boldly take on new challenges and create new value.
Teamwork and Growth
We will help our fellow workers and grow together.